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Smart card 106 may be used by a user (e.g., card holder) to initiate activities associated with the user incentive program.The loyalty system may also allow two or more merchant partners to specify different ways in which electronic coupons and other loyalty programs may be redeemed.Loyalty is one of those terms which have departed most widely from their original meaning.Alternatively, card holder equipment 102 may communicate with merchant processing facility 104 via Internet 110.

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System and method for administration of incentive award program through use of credit US5056019 29 Aug 1989 8 Oct 1991 Citicorp Pos Information Servies, Inc.At step 4004, the loyalty system, for example, in response to receiving a request from the user for electronic coupon-related information, displays the requested electronic coupon-related information to the user on the touch screen.For example, user database 606 may store the latest transactions that have taken place on an active smart card.Once the SSL connection has been established, requests by web server 600 for information stored on smart card 106 of FIG. 1 that has been, for example, retrieved by card holder equipment 102 ( FIG. 1 ) may be transmitted from card holder equipment 102 ( FIG. 1 ) to web loyalty software 604 over the SSL connection.

If the type of institution is thought to be critical to human.Processor unit 516 may be any suitable processing equipment for carrying out the various business operation-related processing such as product price look-up.When we turn to history, whenever we find civilization, there so often.The loyalty system may also provide a search mechanism such as zip code search option 2910 to enable the user to search for a brand new retail location for sorting purposes.

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Communications link 530 may be any suitable connection for communicating data between smart card reader 528 and personal computer 526.A variety of user incentive programs are currently implemented in retail and other user-based industries to motivate users to make purchases or engage in promotional activities.Nonsecure sources may be, for example, Internet 110, card holder equipment 102, or any other suitable source.Smart card reader 302 may be any suitable device for reading digital information from and writing digital information to smart chip 204 of FIG. 2. Smart card reader 302 may have, for example, a slot in which the user may insert smart card 106 of FIG. 1.The loyalty system may disable, instead of remove, the electronic coupon or loyalty program to prevent the user from saving the same one-time use electronic coupon for redemption repeatedly.For example, users may download a program to their smart card that automatically enters the user into a sweepstakes when a particular product is purchased.FIG. 16 shows an illustrative screen 1600 for recommending electronic coupons and other loyalty programs to the user based on a search performed by the user in accordance with one embodiment of the present invention.Thus, the loyalty system may prevent the user from downloading the one time use electronic coupon multiple times.

Magnetic pocket card US5880769 10 Apr 1995 9 Mar 1999 Smarttv Co.Although we often speak of loyalty as though it were a relatively.The user may use smart card 106 to initiate such activities either directly at merchant processing facility 104 or at one or more card holder equipment 102.If the loyalty system identifies an electronic coupon or loyalty offer associated with promotional offers, the loyalty system may present the new promotional offer to the user, for example, by displaying a pop-up window containing the new promotional offer on an appropriate screen.Even if the foregoing considerations are satisfactorily addressed.

In other words, specific offers may be displayed to users of the kiosk, but not to home users.It is true that many, if not most, expressions of loyalty occur.Loyalty is usually seen as a virtue, albeit a problematic one.Method and system for the direct delivery of product samples US20030088466 7 Dec 2000 8 May 2003 Catalina Marketing International, Inc.Communications link 306 may be any suitable communications link for transmitting data between smart chip 204 ( FIG. 2 ) and personal computer 304 through smart card reader 302.The loyalty system may show the savings illustratively as a separate line item at the end of the receipt.At step 1402, the loyalty system may provide an opportunity for a primary card holder of an existing smart card account to share the smart card account with one or more secondary card holders.An example of a sorted shopping list is shown, for example, on screen 3000 of FIG. 30.

The user profile may be stored on user database 606 ( FIG. 6 ) or any other suitable database.Testament writers were continually occupied with the fickleness of.The server software may also maintain backup files and monitor the delivery of corporate files to the individual ECRs 514.We live in a world where selfishness seems to be the rule of the day, and personal gain the objective of most relationships and endeavors.For example, the loyalty system may allow the user to save an electronic coupon to the wishlist simply by using save to wishlist button 2206.If the setting aside of good judgment is sought, there is nothing.Loyalty program host 112 may also communicate with merchant processing facility 104 via Internet 110.Read this Business Essay and over 87,000 other research documents. Loyalty. Is there a God.Good and Evil Essay.The Nature of Good and Evil From the moment you were born, good and evil did not matter to you.

API 410 may be, for example, Java applets, which are supported by most conventional Internet browser applications such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.Financial transaction system US5832457 3 Apr 1995 3 Nov 1998 Catalina Marketing International, Inc.The balance of the rewards account may be stored on the smart chip or on a remote server.Purchase receipt 900 may also be, for example, an electronic receipt that is presented to the user at the end of the purchasing process at an online store.The personalized pop-ups are illustratively stored by user IP addresses.At step 806, users are free to download and redeem electronic coupons and loyalty programs.

A loyalty system allows a user to systematically search, identify, store, and redeem electronic coupons and rebates associated with products from a large number.

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