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What, if anything, does the novel have to say about religion.

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He must sublimate his individuality into the will of the group to achieve honor, which, to Henry, is more important than life.Henry Fleming, the protagonist of the story, was a young farm boy who has not been exposed to the realities of the world.Cranes style of writing to portray these realities included the technique of symbolism.

The Question and Answer section for The Red Badge of Courage is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and.Henry gets this wound because he deserts the battle and has to make his way back to his regiment, getting in the way of an annoyed retreating soldier.

His desire to protect himself is paramount, and, even though Henry is obnoxious, this drive is completely understandable.Reported essay conclusion sample request proposal letter yahoo sparknotes the red badge of courage by stephen.He is self-centered and naive, and cannot be counted on to deliver the absolute truth.

Both before and after enlisting, Henry is particularly attracted to war and wants to see battle, which appears alternatively as a celestial battle, a fantastic machine, or a fearsome but compelling monster.

His work, however, often features biblical imagery and allusions.

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At the beginning of the story, he thought that war was a beautiful thing, he thought that it was not such a big deal, but has the story develops, he discovers that war is not so great and becomes real unsure of himself.The effects that the physical environment, (nature) have on the main character, throughout any novel are so great.

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All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on The Red Badge of Courage topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in.First published in 1895, The Red Badge of Courage found immediate success and brought its author immediate fame.This leads to the second point, which is that these young men are very similar to the Union soldiers.While the reader is left absolutely certain that Wilson has grown up, the question of whether Henry truly has still looms at the close of the novel.

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Crane uses Henrys fear to symbolize how a true-life person would feel.

Some colors are used to suggest peace and placidity, as with the blue of the sky and the calm gold of daylight.

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Henry, through whom we experience war, experiences a barrage of sounds, sights, and smells.Use them to brainstorm new ideas, gain inspiration or consider a new.He is peaceful and wise and does not waste his time bragging.