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In the most basic form, once puck possession changes, the left wing moves back in line with the defensemen.

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This is a list of common terminology and slang used in ice hockey along with explanations of.This is a list of common terminology and slang used in ice hockey along with explanations of their meanings.

A powerplay occurs when one team has more players on the ice than the other team as a result of penalties assessed to the shorthanded team.If you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions.A goal is scored when a puck completely crosses the goal line within the goal frame.

The team with the advantage has a very good chance of scoring during this period of play.

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The superstitious practice of a hockey player not shaving off his facial hair during the playoffs, consequently growing a beard.As with any sport, basketball has its own terms and phrases to describe game moves, plays, positions, and more.

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AT Terms Using proper athletic training terminology helps eliminate confusion or inconsistencies when explaining the AT’s role in the health care arena.When both teams are assessed an equal amount of penalties at the same time, usually on the same play or incident.

Checking in the offensive zone in order to gain control of the puck and set up a scoring opportunity.Whether you are new to sports betting, or have years of experience in the field, some of the betting terms used may.A player who has exceptionally good stick handling abilities and can easily fool opposing players.A jock (or for females, a jill) are simple devices used to protect the genitalia of an ice hockey player.Browse our online application for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, or MLS player contracts, salaries,.A player with a powerful, accurate shot skilled at finishing plays.A slapshot is a hard shot, usually with a big wind up, wherein the player bends his stick on the ice and allows the energy stored in bending the stick to launch the puck forward.The line that the puck must completely cross in order to be considered a goal.

The following is a glossary of traditional English-language terms used in the three overarching cue sports disciplines: carom (or carambole) billiards referring to.When a player rubs his hockey glove over the face of an opponent.American football: Blitz: When the defense attacks the quarterback with more pass-rushers than usual.The technique of clearing the puck out of the defensive zone by lifting it high above the oppositions heads, with it dropping before reaching the opposing goal line. (popularized by Larry Murphy while with the Pittsburgh Penguins.).Conversely, if the offending team touches the puck before leaving their offensive zone the whistle is blown for the offside infraction.The unprotected side of the goal when the goaltender is protecting one side.

Getting stops means preventing the opposing team from scoring.

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Penalty for aggressively interfering with another player (punch, unnecessary hits etc.).F riends, the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is going to release the notification of IBPS RRB VI Online examination for t.A type of shot that involves using arm muscles (especially those in the wrist and forearm) to propel a puck forward from the open-faced, concave part of the blade of a hockey stick.One of three zones on the ice, the offensive zone, the neutral zone and the defensive zone.

If more than two penalties are called on one team the man advantage is limited to two men.Five on three (also called two-man advantage) is when one team has had two players sent to the penalty box.When a team enters the attacking zone and outnumbers the opposing players in the zone.For other terms and an understanding of ice hockey, refer to ice hockey.Sports and activity information for the ALL STAR in your house: Home:. LACROSSE. TERMINOLOGY.A player quick to fight who defends his teammates against violent members of the other team.It is called a saucer pass because the puck resembles a flying saucer in mid air.