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I downloaded your 14 types of hook sentences (which I found to be very helpful) and thought the most fitting would be.Hi, I am writing a persuasive essay for my Comp II class and am stuck.I am writing my essay in a letter format to the school board arguing that these programs should not be removed due to budget cuts because they are just as important to students as the core classes.

I would put your readers right in the middle of one of those moments in softball where a player is using all of their athleticism to accomplish a feat.By writing it last, you can better capture the tone and purpose of your entire writing project.Did something very profound happen in your history that shaped your desire to go into this field.

I am writing an essay based on an interview with someone to answer the question if this person is entrepreneur or not within a theoretical framework.I was thinking putting a quote about furthering your education.You know what I think of when I think of interesting interviews.

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Maybe you could start with a quote from the book that sums up the idea of codependency.Maybe you could start by pointing out some statistics that show higher rates of success for people who began their education early (that is, if you can find good statistics like that from a credible source).I would start with a short, fascinating story about this person.

If you are arguing against, you could start with statistics from studies like this one ( ) that show that the improvements that students achieve in grades as a result of getting paid are actually pretty minimal.Or, you could open with a story about how it feels to be a donor.This should appear on Slide One. Please see the sample essay for more examples of transition words.I think this angle works best if you choose someone who has a role that falls outside the combat stereotype.Can you pls help me with the hook sentence or attention catcher.

Monitoring and protecting the natural beauty of loreto bay in mexico photo essay jason houstondecember 8, 2010 almejas chocolata might be the almehas.An interesting hook might be a statistic on how many people lost their jobs or were otherwise penalized for using social media INCORRECTLY (if such a statistic exists).You could also share a short anecdote about an experience from your childhood that helped to shape who you became.The important thing to answer is how do you feel about this topic.Your hook will definitely depend on your stance on this topic.The Audience has a huge range for people who are homeless do this to people who make high dollars do this to a average housewife.Maybe even a quote from a third party that really sets the tone for your essay.

Understanding Patriarchy bell hooks. 2 UNDERSTANDING PATRIARCHY clinging to the marble I liked best, refusing to share.Or maybe you could talk about how the most common surgery is eyelid surgery (which is practically unheard of in other countries).If you need inspiration, you might check out these 400,000 example essays.Here is a helpful post on writing your Lord of the Flies Essay.Knowing what type of essay will make it easier to develop a framework for it.Or maybe you could start with a statistic about the shocking income disparity in the U.S.On the one hand defying the King, and burying her brother, would lead to her certain death, but defying the gods would lead to punishment that was less tangible but with eternal consequence.

To make it US-specific, you could use statistics regarding prostitution in specific locations as evidence, or you could even refer to specific laws.How am I suppose to make this an interesting essay and have a good hook.Honestly, this is how you should approach writing all of your sentences, but if you only have one absolutely perfect sentence in your work, let it be your hook.Since your whole essay is going to center on your story, one strategy that could be great here is to start in the middle of your story — the moment you realized that you were failing.If you are arguing FOR medical marijuana you could write a brief anecdote about a person whose use of mm helped them to ease their symptoms, or you could start with an interesting statistic about the helpfulness of mm for relieving pain as compared to other types of pain relievers.If you could find a story of someone famous that would be even better. (Unless this is a personal essay, in which case you should tell a story about yourself).I am going to talk about animal cruelty (in 40 min), and it is a really important argumentative speech (sorry for my english).Some typical hooks include: an interesting or shocking statistic related to your topic, an anecdote or story (this works especially well for narrative essays), a relevant and thought provoking quote, and an intriguing question.

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Then you could question how a woman would likely respond to this real life comment.

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I know that a lot of historical quilts have fascinating stories behind them.

Bell hooks essay touching the earth How to Help Show That You Think Education and find out times for sunrise, sunset, and more Thomas Pick a Place Remove Distractions.I have to write a paper about why my partner is a Star Student at University Park.If, however, your writing project is geared toward the admissions counselors at a prestigious university, you had better get a haircut, Bieber, and write your sentence appropriately.Or maybe, you can talk about how much time people spend on social media each day.

It could be interesting to offer a short anecdote about the awkwardness that comes with not knowing the cultural norms of gift giving as a foreign visitor (maybe, for example, the shock of an American having a gift refused in an Asian culture).Try saying something that is contrary to what other people have decided about this work (assuming it goes along with your argument).Title: essay samples and hooks by Kishi Motoe Author: Kishi Motoe Subject: essay samples and hooks Keywords: download essay samples and hooks pdf, save essay samples.Maybe you can find a really compelling statistics that perfectly illustrate these advantages and start with that.